20th Century Design: Week 7 Complete

9 years

Week seven of 20th Century Design is complete.

During the three week study break I took the time to read Poster Art In Australia by Roger ButlerDesign in Australia, 1880-1970 by Michael Bogle, Cover Up by Robert Holden, and Modern Times by Ann Stephen, Andrew E. McNamara, Philip Goad, while still reading Modernism and Australia by Ann Stephen I found that these books were very interesting to understand modern design in Australia to a greater scale. I read the books focussing on poster art and magazine covers, because I have decided for my research essay, to focus on how Modernism in Australia was represented through design in those mediums. I decided on this, because I have an interest in the area of graphic design and thought exploring how during 1919-1939 this was used to awaken the community and nation to new ideals (even if sometimes it might have been a minimal reference) of the modern world. 

For class, week 7 we examined our homes and sense of place, small homes and a national identity in architecture. It is quite interesting to take concepts you have learnt and then examine your own home. You can take your living space for granted and not fully explore the construction and purpose. My home, constructed in the 1980s does follow a lot of the modernist principles, constructed from natural timber, big open living areas and large windows for light. It is a split level that becomes part of the landscape it was constructed on. There is minimal decoration with the construction and aims for a very functional purpose. Can I say I live in a ‘modern home’? I don’t know if I can take it that far, but I do live in a home that seems to be designed with many ideals of Modernism in tact.

Until next week! ?

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