Kassy O'Shea

Hello, my name is Kassy O’Shea. I am a 37-year-old Australian graphic design & photography student who creates digital art, makes websites and writes books.

I love to express myself through creativity, design, art, photography and writing. I care deeply about my family, friends and pets. I value honesty, compassion and equality and endeavour to share kindness and understanding.

I experience mental illness and was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, anxiety and depression in 2015. Living with a mental disability can be a struggle, with good days and bad days. I have found the key to managing my illness is understanding my triggers, celebrating the small wins and not blaming myself for something I can not control. 

I am currently studying a Bachelor of Creative Arts and Design (Graphic Design / Photography) with Charles Sturt University. I started my own business (Klue) in March 2012 and Cute Magic in September 2018.

I have written, illustrated and self-published two children’s books; Tom and Geraldene (2015) and Peaty the Worm (2016). I enjoy the whole process of writing books and hope to continue to create many more.

Random Facts

  • My hair is dyed blue-black
  • I have a nose & labret piercing 
  • I have a geometric mermaid tail tattoo on my wrist
  • My favourite colours are turquoise, blue, pink and yellow
  • My Hogwarts house is Slytherin
  • I like horror films
  • Owls are my favourite animal
  • Sometimes I use emojis too much 



Moonstone is a blog where I share my life through words and pictures. Posts include a range of subjects from personal reflections, university recaps, dealing with mental illness, tutorials, freebies and more.

I started blogging in 2003 at the age of 16 and found it was a great hobby to share my thoughts and meet a lot of beautiful people. In 2006 I started the blog kya.nu under the online alias of Kya (in the early years of the internet, it was common to do this). After running kya.nu for almost 11 years, I decided in December 2017 to use my real name, and thus Moonstone was born.

I hope that my blog can be an enjoyable place to find out more about my life, my creative projects and provide an avenue to connect with the blogging community. 

The domain kassy.blog was registered in November 2017 with Namecheap and is currently hosted by Siteground. Moonstone is powered by WordPress and the theme was designed by Kassy in Elementor Pro.