Hello, my name is Kassy O’Shea. I am a 32-year-old Australian graphic design & photography student who creates digital art, makes websites and writes books.

I love to express myself through 💖creativity, 🖥design, 🎨art, 📸photography and 📚writing. I care deeply about my family, friends and pets (I have a few cats 😅). I value honesty, compassion and equality and endeavour to share kindness and understanding.

I experience mental illness and was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, anxiety and depression in 2015. Living with a mental disability can be a struggle, with good days and bad days. I have found the key to managing my illness is understanding my triggers, celebrating the small wins and not blaming myself for something I can not control. ✨

I am currently studying a 🎓Bachelor of Creative Arts and Design (Graphic Design / Photography) with Charles Sturt University. I started my own 💼business (Klue) in March 2012 and Cute Magic in September 2018. Klue is currently on ‘hiatus’, and I intend to focus on it full-time when I have developed more confidence. 😀

I have written, illustrated and self-published two 📗children’s books; Tom and Geraldene (2015) and Peaty the Worm (2016). I enjoy the whole process of writing books and hope to continue to create many more. 😍

Random Facts
My hair is dyed 👩🏻blue-black
I have a nose & labret piercing 😊
I have a geometric 🧜🏻‍♀️mermaid tail tattoo on my wrist
My favourite colours are turquoise, blue & pink
My Hogwarts house is 🐍Slytherin
I like 😱horror films
🦉Owls are my favourite animal
Sometimes I use emojis too much 😂

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About Moonstone

Moonstone is a personal blog where I share my life through words and pictures. Posts include a range of subjects from monthly recaps, design, personal, dealing with mental illness and more.

I started blogging in 2003 at the age of 16 and found it was a great hobby to share my thoughts and meet a lot of beautiful people. In 2006 I started the blog kya.nu under the online alias of Kya (in the early years of the internet, it was common to do this). After running kya.nu for almost 11 years, I decided in December 2017 to use my real name, and thus Moonstone was born.

I hope that my blog can be an enjoyable place to find out more about my life, my creative projects and provide an avenue to connect with the blogging community. ❤

The domain kassy.blog was registered in November 2017 with Namecheap and is currently hosted by KnownHost. Moonstone is powered by WordPress and the theme designed byThemeDsgn.