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I was going to update with something interesting but nevermind ;D 16 DAYS!! Till my birthday 😀 😀 😀 😀 and omg LOST is on tonight!!!! ;D 😀 😀 ;D Now do I have anything usefull to say? Um no not really 😉

I have found my inner nerd again and have written some Harry Potter fanfiction, if you go to post a comment you will find the first chapter in extended text ;P it sux but OMG Lucius!! And Leasy is writing a story as well it rocks! 😎 I missed my inner nerd so much :blush:

did I mention LOST is on tonight!!!! wtfool I get to seeee domly again 😀 :D. Oh yess I am going to be co-owning the ties fanlisting as in the things you ware. ;D very very kewl.

urk I just neally rememberd something :/ hmm nope it’s gone 😀 not long till my birthday i’m getting excited oh now I remember ;D. MEL IS back in net world I am so happy :blush: and it’s her birthday tommorow!! As well as my mums, but we have to go to town to help nanna and poppy so it won’t be her best birthday but at least I will be with her *tear*

Love you all!! *hugs*

Make It.
Chapter One.

In the darkness the only thoughts that could ever bring themselves to bounce sharply from wall to wall where the ones that brought with them pain and suffering. For a man who had all his life branded himself with class and lived in his own honour, his weak and crumbling aura showed no resemblance to a once powerful soul. The days rolled themselves onto the next but nothing ever changed. The only escape that could be seen was a small little window almost covered by thick and rusted bars. His once flowing and defined white hair now blended with the dirt and disease around him. His clothes resting themselves into the ages of time and draped heavily over his thinned and invisible body. A sound distant and rare began to grow as a tall, odd-looking gentleman marched his way towards the cell. ?Hmm your that Lucius Malfoy? he said between chewing on something that held more interest than his actual speech. Lucius did not even bother to acknowledge the presence of another person and kept himself still in the same position. ?Well that is a real find ain?t it? he shock his head almost in disbelief. ?Well since we are ?mong friends here someone said that it?s only a matter of time before we are all set free? he moved closer to the cell trying to provoke Lucius to rise and talk to him, but nothing happened. ?You might like this, just a gift? he removed a small piece of folded parchment from his robes and dropped it into the cell removing his hand rather quickly. ?Well I guess thanks is just to much aye?? he shrugged and looked around curiously to make sure no one noticed he was there. ? Be seeing you Lucius.? Lucius heard his steps eco away until the still sound again became apparent. His own thoughts started to gather in his mind again, but weakness still had hold. He used what little will he had and stumbled to the fallen piece of parchment. Gripping it in his tattered hands he opened it gently, focussing his eyes he read slowly to himself trying to find enough light from the little window. As he finished the final word he raised his head above the parchment and for the first time a slight smirk made it?s way onto his grim face.

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  1. Ohh-ish! I watched Lost!!!! it was amazing…saw it for my first time…I lurved it!! =D.

    You, Yimin, and Kaori are the shizot for creating the msn game where yeh all change your names, fonts, and colors and stuff to the same, heh, we did that, hella funn!!!

    Mucho Lurve!! <3333333

  2. Ooh…Mel’s b’day is on the 25th of February? We share the same b’day! Wee! Oh yeah, I’d love to exchange links with you. =D I’ve put up yours. =D

  3. xD wow I love your fanfic 🙂 hehe go lucius :P.
    Happy birthday to your dear mother and Mel 😀 hehe I hope you all have the best of days! *huggles*
    :O LOL You used wtfool! lmao! <33333 Copyright to Yimin and Kya :D :D :D mwuahaha. I've never seen Lost.. :O ;D
    love you bunchess! <33333333

  4. hi kya .. anyway i know i already left you a comment, but i was wondering if you were interested.. i’m starting 2 major webzines & if you are interested to be part of the project that’d be a major THANKS.. also…all details are on my blog.

  5. U LIKE LOST? OMG! I am SO not happy.. my mum likes it too, and she talkes about it like NON-STOP.. please tell me ur not one of THOSE fans who can’t shut up about LOST?

    Ug, SAVE ME! LOL!!!

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