20th Century Design: Week 3 Complete

9 years

I have finished week three of 20th Century Design.

This week we focussed on Modernist Utopias (between the years 1914-1939), how Modernism intended to change the world and societies perspective. We also studied the Bauhaus, a design school established in 1919 in Germany.

Modernism in the 20th century was an ideal that; modern design could change the way people lived. Not only through the functional development of new products (thanks to the industrial revolution) but also a psychological change, to embrace the new and live with a revived perspective on the world. The period that we focussed on (1914-1939) was after World War I, when a lot of designers wanted to transform and make a difference.

The Bauhaus was a design school founded in Germany in 1919 by Walter Gropius. It was open for 13 years, when it was closed in 1933 because of political disapproval. The Bauhaus was created as a place for designers, artists and performers to learn how design could impact and change the world. It embraced new technologies and principals of Modernism, allowing students to show a large number of works in exhibitions. It was essentially a school that was embracing and creating a new modern world. You can learn more about this school from the Bauhaus website.

Assessment 1 has also been submitted, which was a collection of tasks completed in weeks 1 – 3. I am interested to get feedback on how well I have comprehended what we have learned so far.

I am looking forward to exploring and learning more about this very interesting topic of 20th Century design.

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