20th Century Design: Week 2 Complete

9 years

I have finished my second week of study in 20th Century Design.

This week there was a focus on modernism, Modernist design and the influence of the Good Design movement. If you are unfamiliar with The Good Design movement, it began in the 1930s and was largely promoted in 1950 through a series of exhibitions. Essentially the Good Design moment was about modern design, and the ideal that design should be simplistic, current and assessable to everyone (I am summarising here). Items held in a number of the exhibitions ranged from designer objects to everyday utensils to promote the idea of accessibility to people from all walks of life and break the boundaries of ‘class’ in design. The movement also had a specific list of 12 principles for what good design should be, which does complicate it for modern design where inspiration can be applied from many different design periods. I have only spent a week learning about this, and I know there are many more dimensions to it that I look forward to learning about.

Next week will be about examining different designers within modern movements and I am looking forward to that.

I also made a new avatar for myself, which I am using on different social sites. I wanted something that was simple and could represent me in a fun way.


See you next week! ?

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