20th Century Design: Week 1

9 years

Through the chilly weather (we got snow!) I completed week one at Uni and am now into week two of the unit 20th Century Design. I was a bit nervous at first, but found that if I paced myself and dedicated time to study, it became easier.

Week one of 20th Century Design had a lot of focus on meeting new students, becoming familiar with online study and of course understanding where and how design has evolved. I found it particularly interesting learning about how design was associated with the industrial revolution, the function and purpose behind design and a refocus of my understanding of what design means.

I don’t feel 100% confident yet (also why this post is a bit vague), but the more I learn and interact with other students, I am sure that things will change. I am of course interested in feedback after the first assignment is submitted in week 4.

I plan to have weekly blog posts at the end of each week with updates on my progress.

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  1. Woot! I’m glad to hear your classes are off to a good start so far. Granted, the first week is always what I call the “orientation” week, but at least you’ll get the feel of your professor and your classmates and the structure/schedule of the course. That’s always been the case with my online classes.

    I’m also intrigued by how design has been affected by the industrial revolution. The history geek in me is now curious! I’ll have to look that up 😀

    Good luck with the subsequence weeks! How long is your course?

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