20th Century Design: Week 1 Complete

9 years

I have finished my first week of study (again), in the unit 20th Century Design and I have enjoyed meeting new students through the online study platform, Blackboard. It’s always so interesting to be grouped together with many people that have a similar interest in design and could potentially be major forces in their chosen fields. It might be a little cheesy, but I always hope they will be. ☺️

Week one in 20th Century Design was about going back to the basics. Discovering the impact the Industrial Revolution had on the world, how machinery, mass production and contributing social, economic and cultural shifts changed everything. We also examined form, function, focal points of the designer and the three basic functions of an object in design; practical, aesthetic and symbolic. Studying these has really given me a better insight, to look deeper at the meaning behind the production (or mass-production) of object design and to evaluate what the purpose is or is translating too.

I also discovered an interesting story this week, Mashable Australia posted an article by Jacob Gillard called Australia Post is testing the use of drones and 3D printers. The idea itself of parcels delivered by drone is interesting and has been raised overseas already, what I found particularly fitting was the quote by Australia Post CEO, Ahmed Fahour that mentioned “This is the new world, the technological revolution as opposed to the industrial revolution.” ?

Have a great weekend! ?


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  1. Ah, good ol’ Blackboard. Those were the days . . . LOLOL

    I think that’s neat you got to study how Industrial Revolution impacted the past and the present trends. That sounds like something I’d love to read up about and will probably do so XD

    Good luck with your studies! ^^

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