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9 years

The past three weeks I have had terrible trouble with my internet service and have had to defer my studies until the next teaching period (or term). The internet started working yesterday, but because I have gotten so far behind and missed an assignment deadline, I decided to defer the unit and start again, without any interruption. I feel it is the best option right now, so that I do not get a bad grade and I can make sure the internet doesn’t drop out again.

I am very annoyed about the fact that my internet was out for so long. I am going to make a complaint to the provider and see if they can explain why it had taken so long and let them know how it affected me.

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  1. Boo on the Internet issues! I hope it doesn’t happen again! I hope you voiced your frustration out at them. It really bites you had to defer your classes 🙁 I hope next term works out better for you!

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