Professional Writing

5 years

Next week I will begin my second class with CSU, Professional Writing. I am excited and a little nervous about this class because while I love to write, I am not confident in doing so. I hope that this unit will provide me with a lot of new knowledge and a greater appreciation for the written word.

Unit Abstract

This subject introduces the basics of professional writing for the communication and creative industries. Through the application of theory and practice, students gain a solid understanding of genre, style and narrative form in professional and creative communication contexts. This will enable students to meet the expectations concerning writing of future employers.

Charles Sturt University 2018


I expect that I will improve my comprehension of writing and broaden my knowledge of grammar and communication in a clear and professional manner. I also anticipate that I will understand how and why particular genres are composed.

Current Skills

I love to use words to express feelings and ideas. However, I have found I have moments where I get lost in thought and lose clarity. I also have some gaps in my knowledge of grammar and must spend more time advancing my understanding!

Writing at a professional level demands that you can articulate your thoughts well, so the audience knows what you are saying. As a digital designer, I often use visual mediums to translate ideas, however, the ability to describe with words is just as important!

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