Professional Writing: Week 3 & 4

6 years

In weeks three and four of Professional Writing I continued the subject with a focus on register and the review genre. I also completed my first assessment.

Week 3: Register

In week three we were introduced to the concept of register. Register was entirely new to me and took a little while to become familiar with the core themes of mode, field and tenor. In essence, it is how we write and use appropriate language for a specific audience.

Week 4: Review Genre

While I am not a big fan of reading reviews, the work for this week was important heading into our first assessment. Reviews are available in so many forms, and they all aim to educate and inform the reader about a specific topic. Most reviews are opinion pieces which follow the thoughts of the author closely.

Assessment 1

I completed the first assessment, which was an 800-word opinion piece on a book/film/etc. that we like. I decided to write about one of my favourite books, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I am not 100% happy with what I have written and can already think of many ways it could have been improved… I am interested in getting feedback.

Next week I will be catching up on week 5 and jumping into week 6.

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