Professional Writing: Week 1 & 2

5 years

In week one and two of Professional Writing, I began with an introduction into the subject and continued into week 2 with an examination of genre.

Week 1

Week one was filled with an introduction into the subject of Professional Writing and the core components and assignments. I am looking forward to completing the weekly tasks and tackling the assignments.

Week 2

In week two we examined the importance of genre in professional writing. Genre comes in many forms, such as film, newspaper, book, tv, etc. It can be further defined by genre by comedy, romance, science fiction, horror etc. I found this quite fascinating to learn that the medium is also a genre, not just the form of the narrative.

We were asked to discuss our favourite genre and explain why it holds significance to us. I am a fan of many genres. In the past, I loved to read, but over time I have found myself watching more films. It’s also interesting to note how different my interests are between art and fiction. In art, I adore the cute and kawaii, while in fiction I am drawn to the darker worlds of dystopian tales. I wrote ‘The reason that I like this genre is the way it deals with the current society in a futuristic way, as a reflection of our current follies and the dangers of a future faced in total peril. It’s not necessarily predicting the future, but making a cultural statement of the present ‘wrongs’. Many of these dystopian worlds begin as a utopia but are unfoiled by the complications of human nature and often a need for ‘total control’. 

Looking forward to week 3!

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