Professional Writing: Recap

5 years

Professional Writing was an exceptional class which expanded my knowledge on the written word and broadened my understanding of a variety of genres.

I began the class feeling apprehensive about my skills and knew that I would have to push myself to communicate clearly and effectively. I was pleasantly surprised at the progress I made and my overall result!


I completed the class with a High Distinction and final grade of 90.5/100.

Short Writing: 26.50/30
Portfolio and Critical Reflection: 44/50
Online Participation: 20/20

Professional Writing taught me about the rules and conventions employed in many styles or genres of writing. As communicators, we have to be aware of the expectations of the audience in the format they are reading. It’s not to say we alter the information to suit what the audience wants, but that the presentation makes sense to the situation.

I am pleased with my result and hope I can use the knowledge I have gained to make my writing and communication clearer and stronger.

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