Photo Imaging: Concept and Context

Photo Imaging: Concept and Context

I recently completed the class Photo Imaging: Concept and Context at CSU. I had a wonderful experience learning more about photography from a historical and contemporary perspective and interpreting what I learned into three photographic works.

Vernacular Photography

In the first module, we learned about the history of photography and the inherited meanings that shape the way we see and understand. Hidden In The Everyday represents the subject and method of vernacular photography through the documentation of everyday objects outside the home. The photographs are constructed to reflect the historical landscape of photographic practice and contextual meaning, informing the evolving human experience.

Hidden In The Everyday

You can learn more about the project on my portfolio.

The Protean Self

In the second module, we focused on the idea of the evolving self and the role photography plays in representing identity. Visual Tales: A Matter of Self reflects the duality of self through the portraits of individuals who allowed me to capture their presence and inform their story. The photographs are created with the intention of respectfully revealing the lives of real people through a relationship of engagement and trust.

Visual Tales: A Matter of Self

You can learn more about the project on my portfolio.

The Anthropocene

In the final module, we examined landscape photography through an environmental lens. A Current of Change examines the concept of the Anthropocene through landscape photography of the Crudine Ridge Wind Farm. The photographs represent the relationship between historical and contemporary practice and approach human impact in a supportive capacity to initiate a positive and open dialogue on climate action.

A Current of Change

You can learn more about the project on my portfolio.

Assessment Results

Assessment 1: 96.6%
Assessment 2: 97.5%
Assessment 3: 93.3%
Final Grade: 96%

This subject has had a profound impact on me as a photographer and image-maker. I am more aware of the influences and history of the medium and understand the meaning that can be found and created within modern contexts. I look forward to continuing my journey and creating new work that incorporates a deeper perception of our world. 

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  1. What a fascinating class, thanks so much for sharing it. I really enjoy photography as a hobby but it’s always interesting to learn more about it. Congratulations on your final grade, I absolutely love your photos as well!

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