Packaging Design (Week 8)

7 years

Week 8 of packaging design is complete. I am once again a bit late and trying hard to catch up. In week 8 we looked at; refining the target consumer, package structures, imagery and colour.

I enjoyed the practical aspect of making models (from structure concepts). It allows you to consider how your design will react in a physical form and the type of packaging that really responds to your needs.

Defining The Consumer

I spent more time refining my two target consumers and created personas for them. It was a really great activity to ensure you have a deeper understanding of who you are communicating too. Persona 1 says: “I run my own small business and work as a carpenter in building and construction. I often buy screws for smaller jobs, because I am in charge of organising materials.” and Persona 2 says: “Some of those small screw packets are a battle to open. Usually have to grab the scissors. I want to be able to open them easily and not have them fall all over the place!” After refining the profile of each consumer we also created a mood board where we document products that each persona may buy. I attempted to keep the products specific to the needs of each consumer, while also trying to provide some variety (for example, not all industry or working products).

Pack Structures

Creating the pack structures, both concepts and models took the bulk of my time this week. I created many different concepts trying to find the most appropriate structure. Below are some examples of my sketches and models.

Task 6 Sketches

Imagery & Colour

For the final task, I created images boards that reflected on; pattern, photography, texture, typography, vector and colour. Each board included examples of styles or hues that help to inspire with the project. Creating these boards is a great way to have visual cues that really ignite many ideas.

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