Packaging Design (Week 5)

7 years

Week 5 of packaging design is complete. In week five we continued our work on redesigning our selected packaging and investigated communication and visual language. It was very interesting to look at specific techniques that are used to communicate a number of messages to the consumer. The selection of colour, typographic arrangement and the form of imagery all play a large part in our interpretation of the packaging around us. This information really helped me to evaluate the designs I had created thus far and made me look at the work so far.

At first, I had created the designs below for the current market redesign.

After thinking about this for some time and employing the new understanding I had learned about visual communication I felt that the designs did not represent the current market position. They portrayed a really low position, perhaps one that you would associate with a home brand style. The current packaging did not resemble this and I decided I should look at some of the designs I had created for the alternative market that was much more relevant.

In the end, I decided to use the larger image below as my current market redesign. The smaller images show a number of alternative designs I had considered.

For week 6 I am continuing to refine my work for the submission on the 25th.

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