Packaging Design (Week 2)

7 years

Week 2 of packaging design is complete. In week two we studied the history of packaging. We also completed three tasks were we examined our chosen product/package in the current market. We analysed the packaging across market value, communication, usability and sustainability. These tasks helped to gain a greater understanding of the package we would redesign and to see the current position it is in, compared to competitors.

Task 2:A

In task 2A we were required to examine and label 6 package designs of competitors in the marketplace (including our package we plan to redesign). We labelled all defining elements of the products and wrote a brief summary of each.

Task 2B

In task 2B we examined and compared the selected products. Comparing the market position and communication in the first and usability and sustainability in the second.

Task 2C

In the final task for week 2 we compiled the results in a category analysis.

Week 2 Summary

The analysis we conducted this week provided me with a greater insight into the way that packaging competes for consumer attention. How the packaging seeks competitive advantage depends on the market position and consumer demand. The tactics employed by a cheaper brand may vary compared to a high-end product.

The cheaper brand may use minimal information (for home brand appeal) or have less consideration of the placement and communication of the packaging. For a high-end product, there is an expectation that the communication is very clear and creates an emotional connection. So the consumer is aware right away that what they are getting is something of great value.

The word ‘value’ also opens up the consideration of ‘value for money’ and getting a ‘good deal’. From the analysis I created on several brands of paint brushes, there was one product that was marketed as environmentally friendly and had a considerably lower price than other sustainable options. The communication was very clear, and because of this well-designed packaging and market position (in price) the product certainly seemed like a remarkable deal.

The way that the package presents the information to us through; text, colour, imagery, size, weight, texture and more all say something about the product and either give or take away from the awareness of the brand. If the packaging of multiple products all looked exactly the same we would not be able to make that emotional connection that often influences us from one brand over another.

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