Packaging Design

Packaging Design (Week 10)

7 years

nd dimeWeek 10 of packaging design is complete. Week 10 was another busy one where we jumped into designing the front, back and other surfaces of the packaging. We also created models, both digital and printed.

When you spend a long time creating a digital packaging design, to see it printed and resolved in a physical form is really rewarding. You can also learn a lot by creating the model, seeing the strengths and weaknesses of the design in a practical application.

Note: This is a completely fake brand, the name, address, barcode, ABN and any other information have been randomly generated. This is created purely as a university design project and I have no intention of it being confused with an actual business or entity. 🙃

Front of Packaging

It started with some sketches.

Then I jumped into creating the digital mockups. I worked with the actual dimensions of the design (from the die line). At the start of the week, I made the mistake of using an enlarged version which resulted in having to start again, because the type sizes and dimensions were incorrect. Oops!

Here is my final front of packaging design and some thoughts on the process.

Back of Packaging

For the back, I started with some sketches. You will notice in the first sketch that I used two columns. This was from my ideas of the design when I was using the enlarged template. Because of the limited dimensions of the actual design, that would not be practical. So the ideas from the second sketches were favoured.

Next, I created the digital designs. For the front and back, I used Adobe Illustrator and worked closely with a grid.

This is my final and thoughts on the process.

I do have concerns about how close the contact information is to the bottom edge of the design. This could create some problems in printing or usage where it is obscured. It may be something I refine before final submission of project 2.

Rest of Packaging

I started with some sketches.

Next I created the digital designs.

Here are my finals and thoughts.


It all started with a die line.

Next, that die line was filled with my selected designs and the help of clipping masks.

Then I created some digital models.

Time to print and fold for those real life versions!

You might notice that the colours are not very close to the true design. This was mostly bad lighting. So the final for submission 2 will have to be greatly improved.

Finally, because I like to give myself a challenge more work (😰) I created some further models that would complete the various screws in a series. The models are smaller because I had limited cardboard. I also haven’t been able to spend as much time on them as the ‘hero’ packaging. If I had more time, greater attention would have been placed on the size, quantity, illustrations and required tools.

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