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Packaging Design Recap

7 years

I have received my final grade for packaging design with a score of 90/100. I am slightly disappointed that I didn’t achieve a higher mark and hope once I have access to full feedback, can see where I could have improved.

Packaging Design was a challenging unit that involved many weekly tasks. These were aimed at developing a deeper understanding of the process and purpose of packaging design. When you spend the time studying a subject that plays a large part of our everyday lives, it makes you see things differently, especially when you see the ‘bad’ or ‘ugly’ examples.

Assessment Results

Assessment 1A: 100%
Assessment 1B: 98%
Assessment 2A: 85% *
Assessment 2B: 80% *

* I do not have feedback on these yet. The marks are considerably lower than my first two results, so I am hoping I can see where I went wrong.

Before I began this class, I created a post where I discussed some of my thoughts and understanding of the subject. I thought this would be a good time to compare my knowledge now.

What is packaging design?
I believe I wrote it best in week 1, where I looked at the fundamentals. Packaging must function correctly to enable the product to be contained and protected. It should also be easy to use and access, without having to get a million tools to do the job for you! It should also communicate and connect to the intended target market, involving many visual references, such as typography, colour and images (photography, illustrations, symbols). Beyond this, there is the aspect of sustainability. What is the packaging made from? Are renewable resources used? Has the life cycle been considered? Finally, you have the legal requirements. Certain forms of packaging have to contain specific information (such as food) and need to meet certain standards.

Essentially packaging design is the way the product is stored and sold.

What did I learn?
I learnt a lot about the process involved in packaging design. How important it is to understand the target market, so you can create designs that draw the consumer in and talk to them directly.

What was the best?
Creating designs that were them formed into physical models. When working on a design for a long time, to see this brought to life is great.

What was difficult?
Completing the many weekly tasks. At one point I did become a week behind and had trouble trying to catch up.

How has this knowledge improved my understanding of design?
With each new class I complete there is always many parts of it that I take with me. Some of them might be obvious (such as developing market research) while others might be more subtle (more work creating InDesign documents and models).

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