Packaging Design

7 years

Tomorrow I will be starting my next class, Packaging Design. I am creating this post so I am able to compare my knowledge for review, on completion of the class.

The aim of Packaging Design is described below:

This unit introduces the principles of packaging design and the skills of research and project implementation. Learn about the importance of an integrated approach to branding and visual communication. The economic, environmental and sustainability components of packaging design is also investigated.

Swinburne University

Initial thoughts:
I am slightly nervous about this class. Mainly because I do not have a lot of experience with creating or working with packaging design. Having said that, it is something that I am looking forward to learning about. Packaging is something that is so much a part of everyday life, that we hardly even notice it anymore. It’s on everything. No doubt if you stopped and looked around your environment at the moment, you would see some form of it, maybe a lot! Being able to create designs that worked effectively and can connect to market audiences is a very good asset to have as a designer.

Current Skills:
While I am comfortable using Adobe Illustration, Photoshop and Indesign, I do not have the foundational understanding of packaging design. I have a general knowledge of how and why it is important, but not on the process of starting with a concept and converting this into a design that works for packaging, on a number of levels.

Areas for improvement:
I know that everything I learn throughout this class is really going to expand my knowledge and understanding. Accumulating in many skills that I will use throughout my personal and professional career!

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