Play Has Fallen by Kassandra O’Shea (2018)

Introduction to Digital Imaging: Week 13

6 years

In the final week of Introduction to Digital Imaging I focussed on completing Assignment #3, which entered the realm of surrealism. Because I have been battling a cold/flu, the time has been limited so I have only included a brief overview of my last submission.

Waning Innocence

This composition deals with the mystical reality of losing innocence, and the darkness in trying to locate our inner self. I have used imagery that is ‘scary’ and ‘dark’ but it is not my intention to say that these things are ‘bad’ only what these things can symbolise and our journey as human beings.

Waning Innocence by Kassandra O'Shea
Waning Innocence by Kassandra O’Shea

Images Used: Girl, water, woman and dress HD photo by Camila CordeiroWoman holding a skull photo by freestocks.orgBats Flying photo by Serrah GalosBonfire photo by Toa HeftibaPollution 500 photo by Patrick HendryOwl, window, wood and bird HD photo by Cliff JohnsonGirl with Red Glitter Valentine Heart photo by Sharon McCutcheonWoman in front of garden photo by Timothy Paul SmithA Ghost Story photo by Patrick Tomasso and Fables and Fairy Tales photo by Filip Zrnzević.

Play Has Fallen

This composition is a lighter take on surrealism. The concept was based on play and how as we grow older that sense of play changes and evolves. For many adults that playfulness is replaced by responsibility and the burdens of real life.

Play Has Fallen by Kassandra O'Shea
Play Has Fallen by Kassandra O’Shea

Images Used: Sand Dune and Blue Sky in Sahara Desert photo by Frederik Löwer, Paper Boats by Kassandra O’Shea, Tape & String by Kassandra O’Shea, FRIENDS photo by Hannah RodrigoCactus, gravel, stones and picture HD photo by rawpixelBeach Baby photo by Jerry Kiesewetter and Toys by Kassandra O’Shea.

That, my friends, is a wrap on Introduction to Digital Imaging. I plan to have a recap post, with my grades and the things I learned through this interesting class.

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