Interactive Design For Web: Week 11 & 12

7 years

Week 11 & 12 of Interaction Design for Web is complete. Over the final weeks of the class, I spent time improving my prototype by analysing the second user testing results and working my way towards the eventual website.

User Testing Round 2

After conducting my second round of user testing, I found that there were a few significant problems.

  1. Colours were hard to read (I conducted a test on the colours via Check My Colours and found numerous problems)
  2. 404 errors (broken pages) on a few pages within the styles
  3. Too much colour on post pages (with yellow)

Website Improvements

To improve the website I made several changes. These included:

  1. Updating the logo colours, so that they were a darker colour.
  2. Changing the background of the menu to a light colour with dark text
  3. Changing the colour of headings to darker colours
  4. Changing the colour of buttons to darker tones
  5. Updated footer so it was not as cluttered.

I also made some changes to how the post pages looked. This included moving the featured image and having the post content with a white background.

Updated Paper Dear Home Page
Updated Paper Dear Home Page
Updated Paper Dear Post Page
Updated Paper Dear Post Page

Assessment Submission

I compiled all of my work completed on user testing and prototype refinements and submitted my document. In my first submission, I had a problem with too many pages. This time I was much more conscious of the number used.

The final website can be viewed at

I will have a full recap of the class once the final results are in.

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