Interaction Design for Web

7 years

Monday I will be starting my next class, Interaction Design for Web. I am very interested in taking a refreshed look at website design and discovering how to approach it through a developed eye.

The aim of the unit is:
This unit aims to provide skills in interaction design for digital media design practice. Through practical tasks and critical exploration of the relationship between interaction design, design concept and software capabilities, students will extend their understanding of the constraints of particular web technologies and ways in which they drive design. Students will develop an in-depth designed outcome based on this understanding

My website design history
I have been creating websites since 2002/2003. My first was something built on Geocities and since then have created many different sites. In the early years of my interest in website design, I enjoyed using HTML and CSS to create designs. However, over time I spent less time creating them and lost touch, especially with the arrival of ‘responsive’ design. Most of my recent designs have involved using paid designs created by other artists. It will be great to step back in and hopefully pick up many new skills.

I have created a series of questions that I have answered before starting this unit. I will be able to take the same (or similar) questions and answer them on completion of the unit.

What is interaction design for web?
My understanding is that interaction design for web is how websites are used as a modern way of presenting and conveying information. This might involve starting with a basic concept and develop ways that enable the audience to clearly and easily access the required information.

What is website design?
Website design is the creation of a website that is viewed on the internet and created through a coding language (such as HTML/CSS) and displayed through a website browser. Because sites are accessed from many different devices creating websites that can be viewed correctly across many platforms ensures that the information can reach a large audience.

What role does website design play in communication design?
With a connected world, website design is a large part of modern communication. Understanding how to effectively incorporate the principles of design into an active website will be a great skill.

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