Interaction Design For Web (Week 2)

7 years

Week 2 of Interaction Design for Web is complete. In week two we examined wireframing and grid systems and completed an activity which focussed on documenting a user journey.

I started to develop a cold this week so I haven’t been able to focus as much attention on the first assessment. Next week I hope to jump into it and start making good progress!

Activity: Track a journey

For this task, we were required to track a user journey for a persona who was interacting with a website. I invented Michelle who wanted to conduct some research on the Bunnings Warehouse website.

Week 2 Summary

I examined the Bunnings Warehouse website in my user journey and found it interesting that it took a long time to find a particular product. Which may relate to the persona who was conducting research and not looking for a known item. When comparing a similar scenario via the website (on a desktop), I found that it was a lot easier because many of the sorting options were displayed in a left sidebar. Because of the smaller screen space on a phone, it requires more actions to get to a final result.

When viewing a website, I expect the page to load quickly. If a page has taken longer than 10 seconds, I will probably close it and consider another site or try another time. What I found fascinating to learn, was that some mobile websites or apps would preload certain features to make it appear as if the site is responding quickly or ‘Optimistically’ (Wroblewski 2014, pp. 20-23).

If I consider the Bunnings Warehouse website and peak times that it may be accessed, I believe that it may vary according to the market type. For example, in my chosen persona this would possibly be after work and later in the evening. If the market was a tradesperson, this might be in the morning or at various times throughout the day.


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