9 years

I have officially enrolled in a degree for Communication Design with Swinburne Online and commence my studies in July 2015. I am excited to begin and learn about the design industry as well as meeting many people that have an interest in design and photography.

Why did I choose to study Communication Design?
I have a great passion for website design and spent 10+ years creating websites. Over time, my interests expanded to graphic design as well as photography. I thought it would be fantastic to be able to learn much more about these fields. The problem was trying to find the right degree that covered all of these fields, where I was able to study online. Once I found the Communication Design degree offered by Swinburne Online, I knew that I had to apply because it really suited what I wanted to learn, and what I really needed to feel more confident in my creative abilities as well as network with other up-and-comers in the industry.

What do I hope to achieve at the end of my studies?
I hope that when I have completed my studies I am able to have a clear and developed understanding of the design industry. Create numerous works that showcase the new skills that I have been taught and have confidence in myself to say, that ‘I can do this, and I did’.

What do I hope to do with this blog?
I hope that through this blog I can document my progress through my studies and also have a public record that might be interesting to other students or potential students interested in design. Most importantly I hope that it can show how I am developing and growing as an artist and creative individual.

Currently the design is the default WordPress theme, but I will make a theme of my own and talk more about that at a later stage.

If you have a study blog of your own are currently studying in the same industry let me know in the comments. πŸ™‚

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  1. What a nice idea for a blog Kya! I actually didn’t even realise this was the WP default theme – I love how you edited it πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Kassy! I’ve just finished my degree in Architecture, but unfortunately my heart is definitely not in that field. I, too, am interested in the field of graphic design, specifically in brand identity and packaging design. Since visiting Sydney 2 years ago, I have a strong wish to study there even for a Diploma. I hope I can soon. Good luck!

  3. I honestly like this idea. Showcasing your designs that you have done through school. Honestly, when I was going to the Art Institute, and I was taking Color Theory, I did exactly what you will be doing. I showcased all my hard work and the comments made by the colleagues and Professor. Apparently, my Professor at the time really loved the idea of me working with a focal point. Of course, I managed to pass that class with an A. I always seem to pass computer classes with an A. I hope that in the fall I will be able to take C++ and pass it with an A. I think I can and I will. Good luck with your degree and schooling. You will learn SO much.

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