Digital Photography

5 years

Last week I began my journey into the wonderful world of digital photography. I wanted to create this post now, so I have a reference point on the completion of the class.

I love photography, which is evident in my decision to pursue its glorious visual form in academic study. It’s one thing to love something and another to fully understand and appreciate it. I might have background knowledge of composition and setting the scene, but I also need to know how to operate the settings (of the camera) to get the scene!

I am excited about completing this class because it will finally push me into the technical side, that I have conveniently shyed away from and clung to the easy auto settings.

Unit Abstract

This subject equips students with fundamental skills in digital photography and associated digital imaging processes, and introduces them to essential topics and concepts of applied photographic practice.

Charles Sturt University 2019


I expect that on completion of this subject that I will have a broad understanding of the function of the digital camera. To go freely out into the world in manual mode and know my aperture from my ISO!

Current Skills

My camera is a good friend, but to transform that friendship into a core bond, I need to understand how my camera works. While I have a ‘good eye’ and have studied composition or digital imaging, to capture genuinely moving photographs, I have to understand the technical side, so the creative aesthetics have a platform to speak!

Let’s do it!

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