Digital Photography: Recap

Digital Photography: Recap

5 years

Studying digital photography has given me a great appreciation of this beautiful art form. It has also equipped me with the skills to wander into the world and create photography, which reflects my expression and interpretation of the world.

If I look back at my first post, before starting this unit, I can see that my understanding of the technical was quite limited. Learning how to operate my camera in manual mode has given me greater freedom of expression and control of my photographs.

Added to my skills is the incorporation of composition, which assists in enhancing the meaning and expression of the photograph. Knowing when to frame, use balance, repetition, and a whole array of other practices allows you to convey visually pleasing or emotive imagery.

Finally, I have learned essential skills in ways to use post-processing in camera raw (photoshop), to enhance my imagery. I have also begun to develop a personal style through deep shadows and sharp contrast.

Digital photography hasn’t just improved my knowledge of the technical, compositional and post-processing. It has provided me with a history of photography, a glimpse into specific genres and an appreciation of the artists who have pioneered this fantastic field.

I am excited about the future and the photographs I will create!

Assessment Results

Assessment 1: 65%
Assessment 2: 93%
Assessment 3: 90%

Final Grade: 86%

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