Digital Design

8 years

Tomorrow I will be starting my next class, Digital Design. I am creating this post so I am able to compare my knowledge for review, on completion of the class.

The aim of Digital Design is described below:

This unit of study introduces explorative and creative thinking expressed through the application of digital software to design propositions. Students will explore vector and raster based software as design tools for specific formats and communication objectives. Students will develop the ability to use digital software for the development and execution of visual communication for print and screen formats.

Digital Design, Swinburn University

Initial thoughts:
I am really excited to start this class because I have been interested in creating digital designs for quite a long time (especially vector based in Adobe Illustrator). I have developed my skills in a self taught way, and I am looking forward to approaching this from an educated perspective and to see how I can really improve my abilities and hopefully have more confidence. Not only that, I am also looking forward to meeting more students and watching as their abilities improve as  well.

Current Skills:
I am currently familiar with Adobe Illustrator and creating vector based graphics. I mainly like to use solid shapes to form into objects and enjoy using colour to capture the feeling of what I am creating. I would say that my style is very simple and not overly detailed or realistic in nature. A lot of my creations are cute or aimed for a younger audience (such as those created for books I have created).

Areas for improvement:
There are certainly many technical aspects of the process that I hope I can improve. Such as understanding particular settings and how to make sure I am converting and saving the correct format for the targeted format (screen or print). I am sure that there are also many more ways that my approach to creating digital design should and will hopefully be improved.

Examples of recent digital designs:
I thought it would be fun to also share some examples of recent digital designs I have created and do this again on completion of the unit.

houses pumpkins withces light-bulbs

I look forward to sharing my weekly recaps as I work my way through the next 12 weeks of this class.

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