Digital Design (Week 9)

7 years

This is an on going post for Digital Design, week 9. I will post my progress throughout the week with the required activities.


  • Review Collaborate recording and presentation
  • Review past student work examples
  • Engage with the work of your peers
  • Finalise splash screen #1
  • Finalise supporting documentation (bank pad and digital workbook)
  • Submit progressive submission (Week 10)
  • Continue with Project 1
  • Continue with Photoshop tutorials (ongoing)

Project 2: Splash Screen 1

This week I have been working hard on my first splash screen. It has been difficult to work in Photoshop and try to make the idea that I have come to life. I found that I was often thinking about too many different elements all at once and had to simplify and just focus on one section at a time. For example, ff I took time to consider each bottle, make sure that the outline was smooth I could move on to the next element. My design had a number of different parts and elements that all needed to be combined. I used the live trace option for a number of parts (especially the model/person). However, I often found that it did not give a 100% accurate result and had to ensure that all edges gave a fine result. This was especially true for the bottles, where the colours were closely blended to the background (because of the glass).

I have decided not to share the design of splash screen 1 on my blog, because the photographs feature a family member. They are shared with my class via Blackboard. I will be able to share work on my other splash screen designs.

I am learning a lot about photoshop and the different ways to make unique effects. ?

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