Digital Design (Week 7)

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After a two week break over Christmas and NYE, I am back. I hope everyone had a good break and that 2017 will be a good year!

This is an on going post for Digital Design, week 7. I will post my progress throughout the week with the required activities.


  1. Submit Project 1: Flying Circus Progress Submission
  2. Review Project 2: Splash Screens brief AND the Additional Resources document
  3. Select theme from word list
  4. Engage in research and initial ideation
  5. Develop design proposal
  6. Post an update of your progress and engage with your peers on the DB
  7. Initiate Photoshop tutorials (ongoing)

Project 2: Splash Screens

Overview: This project aims to develop/extend your capacity to use raster-oriented image software and acquisition techniques. You are to design three theme-based splash screens and document idea generation in an A4 Bank pad, as well as document the development process and your research in a workbook.

This project certainly seems like it will be a challenge, but I am willing to try my best and see where it leads. I have looked at the word list and found I was drawn to Miniature and have decided that this will be used for my theme. I will also consider the words Dazzle, Evolve, Quirky and Shiny as potential alternative themes (they won’t be used, but good for idea generation and researching or maybe working in with sub-themes).

Proposed Theme: Miniature

I have selected the word Miniature to use as my theme, and would like to focus on the contrast between small and large (scale). Using multiple photographs, I would like to combine manipulated imagery to place a miniature object or subject into a non traditional setting. For example, enlarging an object that would normally be small or reducing an object that is large. I am still developing my sub theme ideas.

Word Meaning

[min-ee-uh-cher, -choo r, minuh-cher]

1. a representation or image of something on a small or reduced scale.
2. a greatly reduced or abridged form or copy.
3. a very small painting, especially a portrait, on ivory, vellum, or the like.
4. the art of executing such a painting.
5. an illumination in an illuminated manuscript or book.

Mind Maps / Ideation / Rough Sketches

Miniature Mind Map
Alternative Themes Mind Map
Miniature Theme Considerations
Miniature Sub Theme Ideas
Miniature Draft Sketches / Ideas

Draft Sketches / Ideas include: Person trapped in a bottle necklace where it is worn by a person. Giant ants that are placed on a standard size surface, where they decrease in size. I kind of abstract/weird idea where a hand is placed through something (curtain/box??) where deadly miniatures are displayed on the front and life size deadlies on the other. A enlarged bee on a flower. An enlarged kangaroo in a pouch. Padlock with miniature key. Three people holding up a giant pencil. A city scape with giant legs walking across a pedestrian crossing. Two miniature people operating a telephone. A tiny person sitting on a macaron stack. A cat on a floaty in a glass of milk. Two people sitting on mushrooms communicating with a paper-cup telephone.

Of these current ideas, I am interested in the person necklace, road crossing and people on mushrooms communicating. Potential sub theme names could be; Trapped in Miniature, Miniature Crossing, Miniature Communication. I won’t ‘lock’ these sub themes in just yet, because there is still room for further exploration.

Further sub theme ideas
Miniature Identity Sketches
Miniature Identity Sketches

Visual Research


Photograph Manipulation

Alternative Theme: Dazzle

Alternative Theme: Evolve

Alternative Theme: Quirky

Alternative Theme: Shiny

Design Proposal

My chosen theme is based on the word Miniature which uses design principles and techniques to present the manipulation of multiple imagery into three splash screen designs. Miniature is broken into three sub themes for each splash screen which are; Identity, Communication and Environment. The intention is to incite the viewer or audience to consider the symbolism of the splash screens and how the reduction of scale (in certain subjects and items) reflects on their own perspective and circumstances.

Imagery is composed of original photographs and illustrations that have been manipulated in Adobe Photoshop CC. Compositions are edited using learned techniques of; cropping, framing, tracing, clipping and layer masks as well as modification to layers, improving clarity and altering the atmosphere of the design, with colour and contrast.

Miniature: Identity
The sub theme Miniature: Identity draws on the exploration of personal identity and ego, through the manipulation of multiple images into a combined design. We see the representation of a person trapped inside several glass jars that each display a different level of personality. Anger, acceptance and defiance. The jars are worn around the neck of a subject that is wearing the same clothes of the subjects inside the jars, thus sharing the parallel of identity across all of the design.

Miniature: Communication
The sub theme Miniature: Communication draws on the exchange between human beings and the need to be socially connected. Manipulated images show reduced scale people positioned in a natural and contrasting environment. Two individuals communicate with each other over a paper cup telephone, while another attempts to operate a mobile phone (which remains at scale to background elements). Making the observation of how we communicate with each other directly (and historically) as well as an isolated and modern way.

Miniature: Environment
The sub theme Miniature: Environment presents a lived habitat and locality in which humans participate and form the conditions in which their environment is created. We see a street scene with road, cars and buildings, with the inclusion of enlarged human legs that are crossing a pedestrian crossing. The purpose is to draw attention to what is around us and the ways that some perceive themselves in their environment (larger than or more important).

Through the compilation of the three splash screen designs, I aim to clearly and effectively translate each sub theme and unit all together with the encompassing, Miniature. It is my hope that these images will insight self reflection and consideration upon the audience.

Photoshop Practice

Photoshop Tutorials

Photoshop CC Tutorials from Adobe

  1. See what you can create with Photoshop
  2. Use layers for ultimate flexibility and control
  3. Create your first design
  4. Edit your first photo
  5. Crop a photo
  6. Master these fundamental tools
  7. Remove unwanted objects from photos
  8. Combine, retouch, and add effects to photos
  9. Easily and accurately select image areas
  10. Combine images in creative ways
  11. Explore easy retouching options
  12. Streamline your design workflow
  13. Design more efficiently with Photoshop CC
  14. Start using Lightroom with Photoshop
  15. Create a panorama from multiple photos
  16. Try these top tips to fix photos
  17. Focus on your subject, blur the rest
  18. Fix a group photo so everyone looks good
  19. Apply corrections to a set of photos
  20. Create a Facebook cover photo
  21. Create a web banner
  22. Create an image for social media
  23. Create a flyer
  24. Create a poster
  25. Correct color and tone
  26. Sharpen your photos
  27. Adjust and exaggerate facial features
  28. Crop and straighten with content-aware fill
  29. Make a photo look like a painting

Other Tutorials

  1. How to Create a Winter Rural Photo Manipulation Scene With Adobe Photoshop
  2. How to Create an Apocalypse Angel Photo Manipulation Scene With Adobe Photoshop
  3. How to Create a Flying Owl Photo Manipulation for Beginners With Photoshop
  4. How to Create an Abstract, Psychedelic Portrait Photo Manipulation in Photoshop
  5. How to Create a Surreal Moon Balloons Scene With Adobe Photoshop
  6. How to Create a Fantasy Snail Photo Manipulation With Adobe Photoshop

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