Digital Design (Week 10)

7 years

This is an on going post for Digital Design, week 10. I will post my progress throughout the week with the required activities.

Weekly Tasks

  1. Submit Project 2 Submission 1
  2. Develop masthead ideas
  3. Draft magazine proposal
  4. Apply iPad wireframe
  5. Post an update of your progress
  6. Engage with your peers
  7. Attend informal Collaborate session
  8. Continue with Photoshop tutorials (ongoing)
  9. Continue with Project 1 and Illustrator tutorials (ongoing)

Splash Screen 1: Miniature (Identity)

Last week I finalised the design of my first splash screen with the theme Miniature and sub-theme Identity. I submitted this for project 2, submission 1 and look forward to the feedback and ways I can improve. This week is about working on part b of project 2, with applying the completed splash screen to a design context, in this case an online magazine. We are required to create a masthead (applying typography to the design) as well as writing a 200 word magazine proposal which describes the magazine and it’s purpose/intent. There are many things to consider during this process. Typography can be used in so many ways to set the right feeling/mood. I also have to consider what audience my design is being directed at and what form of magazine it would ideally be displayed in, especially as a splash screen.

Splash Screen 1: Masthead

Mind Maps and Notes

I began the process of exploring ideas for the mast head by using my bank pad to jot down notes, considerations and linking ideas with mind maps. What I discovered was that my audience for the splash screens and mock magazine is that it is aimed at a more mature audience (because of the model and because of the subject mater). One that is more inclined to think deeply about the subject matter and how it effects their lives.

Visual Research

My visual research is composed of three different areas. 1, splash pages, 2, magazine cover designs (with particular attention to use of typography and 3, magazines for an older audience. I thought it was important to expand my visual research across these three areas to have a greater understand of how it has been approached and relevant to my own design.

Splash Pages
(Some of the splash pages included are for web or interactive designs.)

Magazine Covers

Magazine Covers for Older Woman


I explored the fonts and typefaces available on the Typekit website (which is available as part of an Adobe CC subscription) and selected the following typefaces below that I believed captured some essence of my theme and potential magazine audience. Many of the typefaces selected are serifs, and have an elegance and older charm and confidence about them that I thought was rather appealing.

Draft Sketches

Digital Drafts

Currently not shared on my blog. Will be available to current students via Blackboard.

Magazine Proposal

MiniaTure is a digital magazine for cultured women who are 50 years and over. Included within are; articles, photography, artworks and advice on important topics concerning the matured female. The intent of the magazine is to insight personal reflection, conversation and guidance, in coping with a ever evolving, modern world.

MiniaTure covers specific topics that are important to the viewer; personal identity (who we are), communication (how we connect) and environment (where we live). The magazine examines each topic in an in-depth and symbolic way. Providing the audience with a unique participation drawing on life experiences and circumstances. In an article discussing personal identity we are presented with the ideology of how we see ourselves and how we are perceived. When looking within we consider, what makes us who we are, how our life choices, battles, losses and wins have all played a part in how we identity ourselves. It also looks at the other side of the experience, how we are seen by others, particularly the way society is prejudiced in many forms  towards females and ageing.

MiniaTure is a space for women to find understanding, acceptance, guidance and community in a world that can become increasingly complicated. The magazine is provided in a digital format with clear instructions for digital viewing on the website. A print version is also included on a yearly subscription.

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