Design Studio: Typography

8 years

I will begin my next class Design Studio: Typography on Monday (11th July, 2016) and wanted to write a post so that I can compare my knowledge before starting the unit and after.

The aim of Design Studio: Typography is described below:

This unit aims to introduce students to, and help them develop an understanding of typographic forms, terminology, setting systems and conventions. This will be done using a variety of technologies. Students will develop an awareness of content and meaning through the exploration and application of typographic form in regards to layout and design principles.

I have always felt that typography was one of my weakest points. Creating designs for personal use I have always struggled with the type of font to use. I don’t have an expanded knowledge in this area, so I am really looking forward to being able to take on a subject that I do lack a lot of confidence in. I am looking forward to really developing a well rounded understanding of how typography can be a great asset to a design and the influence it will have on my future work.

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