Design Studio: Typography (Week 9)

8 years

Week 9 of Design Studio: Typography is complete.

Week nine was a rather busy one, with a lot of work being completed towards project 4. During this week I did a lot of research into typography and design during the 1960s, and found my focal area of; Wim Crouwel, Helvetica and phototypesetting (with CRT). I than researched each area and compiled the research into a content summary (each around 190 words), with references. I than created some sketches of potential layout structures, and once I had one that I liked created a digital mockup. There will still be a lot more work todo, from the initial mockup until the completed design and it will be a great challenge to complete.

I am continuing to read a number of books on typographer and design, which are a great additional source of information. ?

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