Design Studio: Typography (Week 7)

8 years

Week 7 of Design Studio: Typography is complete.

During week seven I finished my reconstruction of a document layout for project three and was quite happy with how similar I was able to get it. There is always going to be some things that you could have improved, but I am interested to have feedback and see how I went. I didn’t have a lot of time to also step into project 4, because I was kind of focussed on getting project 3 as good as I could, but I hope to catch up over the weekend or into next week.

Working on project three has been a very challenging and wonderful activity. I can’t count the number of times I measured, printed, aligned and re-aligned many different elements. But it made me really have to focus on a lot of individual elements and how they interact with each other and the overall combination of the document. There are many things I have learned that are going to be taken with me.

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