Design Studio: Typography (Week 3)

8 years

Week 3 of Design Studio: Typography is complete.

In week 3 we focused on examining the details of typography and how a typeface can be used to present different interpretations. I also continued to work on project one, with further development and refinement of my business cards through many different arrangements to try and get the photograph that could translate my intention the clearest. My theme did evolve from my early concept of cut paper on scrunched paper, arrangement of various type size business cards, to the exchange of two business cards, where one was a polished embossed gold and the other white art paper with cut letterforms. I feel a bit nervous about the grade that I will get. In the end I have really tried my best and explored a lot of different directions and tried to remain as clear as possible. One challenge was trying to condense all of the research and ideas into just three pages!

We also began to look at project 2, which is a group project where we create a typographic poster based on a quotation. This will be an interesting challenge and hopefully the end result will be a good one.

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