Design Studio: Typography (Week 2)

8 years

Week 2 of Design Studio: Typography is complete.

In week 2 we explored the history and development of typography and spent a lot of time working on project 1. I have found that over time my knowledge is expanding and I am starting to use a lot of the techniques of typography in the new work that I create, as well as spending more time examining the forms of text that are around me.

I have been working hard on project 1, and found that I am building many ideas together, to hopefully create a result that is very interesting and on point with the meaning (and brief). I have found that if I was starting the project over, that I would try and be more consistent in my planning and development and try to adhere to a direction of concept > development > refinement. Over the past two weeks, I have really been in the concept stage, trying to put ideas together and will spend the remaining week, really going for the development and refinement to make sure my concept is very clear and precise.


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