Design Studio: Typography (Project 4 – 20th century type)

8 years


This project requires you to design an information panel featuring aspects of type and typography from a particular decade of the 20th century. The panel is to be designed for display at a temporary exhibition at the State Library of Victoria. It is a free public exhibition on typography, type design and related technology of the 20th century, presenting the material chronologically by decade as a combination of full colour large format information panels and objects/artefacts.

My Decade: 


Suggested process:

  1. Investigate the various aspects within the nominated decade. Collect a lot of related information, as quickly as you can, about what was happening in the typographic/design world in that period.
  2. Select the three aspects to work with in consultation with your eLA. Carefully consider the significance and relationship of the components.
  3. Continue researching, image sourcing and referencing. Make sure you record and provide evidence of the source material.
  4. Record your process for your Design Process Document using the Design process document brief (AdditionalResources/Design-process-document-brief.html).
  5. Present a project proposal and work in progress in Week 9.
  6. Thumbnail layout and design sketching and development
  7. Begin execution and present work in progress Week 11 (tile output at scale).
  8. Critique, review and continue to refine and develop design and layout.
  9. Finesse the typographic detailing.
  10. Source suitable printer and check file for accuracy and completeness.
  11. Print A1 information panel, submit print, PDF file and design process documentation.

My Three Aspects:

  1. Typeface: Helvetica
  2. Typographer: Wim Crouwel
  3. Typographic Technology: Phototypesetting with CRT (Cathode Ray Tube)

Further Refinement

With the deadline for the final poster fast approaching, this week I am going to focus on the refinement of the poster, and make sure that everything is working as it should. These are a few focal areas that I want to look at refining.

  1. The cropping of the 1960s heading. Make sure that it does not create any visual disturbances with lines, and that it has ‘smooth’ forms to the edge.
  2. Look at the colours and tones used. Try bringing a red into the mix, or a blue or a green, or anything to just add a little more diversity.
  3. Improve the captions, make them more interesting and legible.
  4. Improve the imagery used for Wim and Helvetica, find a way so that it translates correctly and well.

poster48 poster49 poster50 poster51 poster52 poster53 poster54 poster55 poster56 poster57 poster58 poster59 poster60 poster61 poster62 poster63 poster64 poster66 poster67 poster68 poster69 poster70 poster71 poster72 poster73


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