Design Studio: Typography (Project 2 – Quote me)

8 years


Working individually and as part of a team, using only typography and design principles, reflect the meaning of a quote, in a poster.


You can do a good ad without good
typography, but you can’t do a great ad
without good typography.

Herb Lubalin

3 typefaces, unlimited point size, 1 colour

Digital Mockups

I continued to create a series of digital mockups for the poster. This time I purchased a subscription with the Monotype Library so that I was able to have access to the typefaces created by Herb Lubalin, particularly Ronda and Avant Garde. I drew a lot of inspiration from designs that Lubalin had created himself, and noticed the importance of smaller margins, leading and connection of the letters to each other. The various mockups are using different effects, and there was a gradual process or evolution within the mockups, where I arrived at a place where I wanted to use two columns, and then a contrast between the black and white.

Lubalin Posters 2 Lubalin Posters 22 Lubalin Posters 23 Lubalin Posters 24 Lubalin Posters 25 Lubalin Posters 26 Lubalin Posters 27 Lubalin Posters 28 Lubalin Posters 29 Lubalin Posters 210 Lubalin Posters 211 Lubalin Posters 212 Lubalin Posters 213 Lubalin Posters 214 Lubalin Posters 215 Lubalin Posters 216 Lubalin Posters 217 Lubalin Posters 218 Lubalin Posters 219 Lubalin Posters 3 Lubalin Posters 32 Lubalin Posters 33 Lubalin Posters 34 Lubalin Posters 35 Lubalin Posters 36

After sharing a few designs on the blackboard discussion board, I received feedback from my eLa, that the two column design had good potential. It was suggested that I utilise each size to represent bad and good typography practices. In some of the examples, I haven’t been faithful completely, and had to stop myself from continuing to use uppercase…

Lubalin Posters 4 Lubalin Posters 42 Lubalin Posters 43 Lubalin Posters 44 Lubalin Posters 45 Lubalin Posters 47 Lubalin Posters 48 Lubalin Posters 49 Lubalin Posters 410

Lubalin Posters 516 Lubalin Posters 517 Lubalin Posters 514 Lubalin Posters 515 Lubalin Posters 512 Lubalin Posters 513 Lubalin Posters 510 Lubalin Posters 511 Lubalin Posters 58 Lubalin Posters 59 Lubalin Posters 56 Lubalin Posters 57 Lubalin Posters 54 Lubalin Posters 55 Lubalin Posters 52 Lubalin Posters 53 Lubalin Posters 5

Lubalin Posters 610 Lubalin Posters 68 Lubalin Posters 69 Lubalin Posters 66 Lubalin Posters 67 Lubalin Posters 63 Lubalin Posters 64 Lubalin Posters 65 Lubalin Posters 62 Lubalin Posters 6

Lubalin Posters 716 Lubalin Posters 715 Lubalin Posters 713 Lubalin Posters 714 Lubalin Posters 711 Lubalin Posters 712 Lubalin Posters 79 Lubalin Posters 710 Lubalin Posters 78 Lubalin Posters 76 Lubalin Posters 77 Lubalin Posters 74 Lubalin Posters 75 Lubalin Posters 72 Lubalin Posters 73 Lubalin Posters 7

After receiving more feedback from my group and the discussion board, I went with using ITC Avant Garde Gothic W1G, and used the typeface Extra Light version for the top ‘bad’ half, Medium for the majority of the second half with Bold on the word great. For the authors name, I used medium and bold. For the right side of the poster that is closed in colour, I went for very tight leading, compressed tracking and tightening of kerning between letters (especially the two o’s in good). I used the computer generated All Small Caps, because this is the ‘bad’ way to do it, and titled the word typography, so that it was just ever so slightly out of alignment with the other text. I thought that this created a very subtle but obvious discussion between the lower half that is a lot more legible in lower case and with greater leading.

Lubalin Posters 8  Lubalin Posters 82

In the final, I decided to use a colour that was used in other group member posters, or similar. I tried a few different shades, but found that the darker was more appropriate, so that the text could be read clearly. It’s important to note that many of my group members used elements of line, and this has been included in mine as well through the triangle, but most clearly in the authors name, so that there is a consistent element (as well as colour).

Lubalin Posters 83

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