Design Studio: Typography (Final Grade & Recap)

8 years

I received my final grade for Design Studio: Typography with an overall grade of 80/100. I am slightly disappointed that I did not score a higher mark. On reflection and from comments within the marked assessments, I can see that I should have improved in the areas of articulation, by using better terminology that reflected specifically on the areas I had been studying. I should also have made sure to focus on individual letterforms, to make sure that I used adequate kerning, leading and tracking (specifically where large areas of body copy were used).

Here are the grades I received for each assessment:

  • Project 1: Word and Meaning – 81/100
  • Project 2: Quote Me – 84.75/100
  • Project 3: Body and Soul – 82.50/100
  • Project 4: 20th Century Type – 74/100
  • Design Process Document – 80.25/100

So far in my studies in Communication Design, this class has been my lowest scoring. It shows me that I should still dedicate more time to making sure that I am fully aware of typographic principles. It is also a motivator to make sure I address the assessment criteria correctly and make sure I follow the brief and recommendations correctly. It’s all a learning experience and you just have to keep improving.

Before I began study of Typography, I had written a blog post where I discussed my very brief knowledge I had of Typography. It is interesting to reflect upon this, and how I approach design now. I feel a lot more comfortable working in InDesign. I use grid systems for a lot (or most) of my work. I consider the placement, typeface, kerning, leading, tracking of text used. I consider what I want to communicate and how the type will translate that meaning. I feel I have more confidence in my ability, but also have to ensure that I don’t rush and can focus on the areas that I need improvement in.

It was very rewarding doing this class and I looked forward to my next unit, which begins next week.

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