Design Studio: Concepts and Narratives, Week 7 Complete

8 years

Week 7 of Design Studio: Concepts and Narratives is complete. In week 7 we focussed on design conceptualisation, through anti-design.

This week was both challenging and interesting. We were required to think ‘outside the box’ and imagine a design that had purpose, but was fundamentally flawed. Something that might work, but was ridiculous. At first I thought it was going to be easy, or that my creative capacity would allow me to think of many ideas. However, once I started sketching ideas I found my brain wanted to adhere to logical thinking. There was frustration , starting over and a lot of observation of the things around me. In the end I was able to discover many different ideas. I found it very interesting, because it required you to really understand how things work and to deconstruct them, by either subtraction, adding, modifying or changing some part of them to make them no longer function in a ‘normal’ way.

I choose my final concept, which next week we transform into a technical drawing and model. I am excited to do this and also made a number of plans already. I will share more on this next week.

Here are some examples of my ideas from the first stage.

Scan 1 copy Scan 3 copy 10

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