Design Studio: Concepts and Narratives, Week 6 Complete

8 years

Week 6 of Design Studio: Concepts and Narratives is complete. In week 5 we focussed on making a personal mark.

This was a great exercise in using different mediums and techniques to experiment with how ideas could be transformed into a personal mark or logo that could represent identity. I found that I completed a lot of sketches in the early development stages and through that process was able to find several designs that I refined. There were also many ideas that were rejected because that did not embrace certain aspects of my personality that I wanted to reflect. I also feel that I am becoming more aware of design principles and elements, and found to draw on the use of scale, tension, dynamics and many more within the designs.

Here are two of my favourites, in positive and negative. The negative versions are also hand drawn and used marker to render the background.

final1 final2

second2 second1

I now have a break for a week, until 2 May. ? This will also give me some time to polish my week 4 and 5 work for submission of the second assessment.

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