Design Studio: Concepts and Narratives, Week 5 Complete

8 years

Week 5 of Design Studio: Concepts and Narratives is complete. In week 4 we focussed on cropping, framing as well as continuing to expand our understanding of design principles and elements.

For the activity this week, we were to use an A3 sheet with specifically scaled windows to crop and frame various imagery found in books, magazines or everyday textures. This was a lot of fun. I may have gone a little overboard and taken 400+ photographs, but I was happy with the large variety that I was able to capture. After this we picked our 12 best and reflection upon the design principles within, as well as what we were hoping to achieve. Another part of the activities, that I don’t believe I have mentioned before, is arranging the completed compilations in an A3 document. At first I had been using Illustrator to do this, because I was most familiar with it. I have now started using InDesign and notice a difference in how easy it is to setup everything you need.

Here are some of my examples of cropping and framing.

IMG_8338 IMG_8381 IMG_8388 IMG_8487 IMG_8503 IMG_8578 IMG_8792 IMG_8818


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