Design Studio: Concepts and Narratives, Week 3 Complete

8 years

Week 3 of Design Studio: Concepts and Narratives is complete. In week 3 we focussed on model making.

For this weeks task we were to construct a chair with foam core board, to resemble the original image as closely as possible.

I am slightly disappointed with myself for this week. Mainly because I did not have the foresight to order a surgical scalpel online. I had assumed I could probably just get one, however it turned out that I was unable to and had to use a craft scalpel instead. A surgical scalpel is extremely sharp and using a duller blade causes the foam core board to fray and tare, which unfortunately was the case. Even so, I still tried my best to cut the board as well as I could and assemble the chair. The final result is far from perfect, but I feel I have learned about model making as well as a valuable lesson in making sure you plan and have materials ready!

Here are some photos of the model making.





I have also submitted my first assessment, which is an PDF efolio of work from the first three weeks accompanied by personal reflections on each work. So far my greatest strength has been the tracing and rendering.

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