I recently travelled to Sydney with my good friend Claire and spent four nights in a cool Airbnb in Pyrmont, not far from Darling Harbour and the CBD. Our trip was planned initially around seeing Pink in concert on Monday (the 6th), but she became ill (and ended up in the hospital) and had to postpone most of the shows. I hope she is feeling a lot better soon! 😘

Even though we didn’t get to see Pink, we still had a fun time exploring the city, looking at cute shops (Daiso, Morning Glory, Mumuso Life, Monsterthreads) and trying new things like Starbucks, Uber and Uber Eats (I had never done them before, or stayed in an Airbnb!). It was also lovely to spend the time with Claire, we get along really well (and are #twinadillos), so it was great to relax and chill. 🤩


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The Birdcages in Angel Place #sydney #forgottensongs

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Toooooo cute! #cute #kawaii

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Sydney Airbnb
The Airbnb we stayed in. There was a lot of room and everything was modern and lovely!

* Featured image is birdcages that hang in Angel Place an art installation called Forgotten Songs created by Michael Thomas Hill in 2012, which plays the calls of birds that are no longer found in the CBD due to growth and environmental changes.