Beach Holiday

Beach Holiday

7 years

I recently had a mini beach holiday and it was beautiful. There is something so calming and radiant about being at the beach. Watching the waves crash in and feeling the sand and water between your toes. The contrast of living in rural bushland and suddenly being surrounded by endless ocean is mind-blowing.

Staring out at the vast ocean made me feel much more connected to the natural beauty of the world.

I stayed three nights in the Illawarra region, around Wollongong and Shellharbour. There are so many beaches that are only a short walk or drive, with many places to sit and be completely mesmerised by the water.

My accommodation was slightly disappointing. It wasn’t awful, but it looked a bit different to the images on the website. Even though it really close to the beach it only had lake views (which was still nice). It was a bit cramped and slightly uncomfortable sleeping in a small bunk. Oh, and there were some cockroaches. Next time I might look for another place to stay (and try and get a beach view).  πŸ™ƒ

Overall it was a really great holiday and I look forward to going back again soon!

Beach Holiday: Seagull chilling on the beach
Beach Holiday: Seagull chilling on the beach

Beach Holiday: Shells
Beach Holiday: Shells

Beach Holiday

Beach Holiday: Sunset
Beach Holiday: Sunset

You can view all beach holiday photos on my Flickr or have a squiz at my Instagram.  πŸ“·

πŸ’¬ Beach Holiday Questions

  1. Do you feel different when embracing nature (beach, mountains, etc?)
  2. Have you ever stayed in accommodation that wasn’t how you expected?
  3. Where are you going on your next holiday?

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  1. Sounds good, well, at least the beach part. I wish we’d have the ocean near by but we don’t. We have mountains though which is pretty awesome too. We’ll be driving to the Atlantic Ocean this summer again, can’t wait.

  2. I loving going to the beach in Sokcho because to me the East Sea is so beautiful. It’s also relaxing. I enjoy watching and listening to the waves. I really am loving the photos you took! It’s great there were so many beaches nearby!

    I’m sorry to hear about the accommodations πŸ™ It really didn’t sound so pleasant, and the cockroach made me scream mentally. I don’t want to see anything like that at any place I stay!

    I’ll be going to Japan in April. Less than two months now! I cannot wait!

  3. I saw your photos on Instagram, and it looked so beautiful there! That’s too bad the accommodation wasn’t good though. It’s always disappointing when it doesn’t look like the photos. At least it was close to the beach! I love how relaxing it is to go to the beach. It’s partially why we’ve been to Hawaii so many times, haha.

    I’m glad it was a great holiday! My next planned trips are to Portland to see a friend and Pennsylvania for my brother’s wedding!

    1. Hawaii looks amazing and I would love to see it at some point. :love: I hope you have a great time on your trips. ou3uo

  4. I’m glad you had a nice getaway! My Timehop has been showing me pictures of Cuba from my trip 9 years ago and making me want a vacation so badly! I wish I didn’t live so far from the water these days. When I lived at home in Nova Scotia the ocean was only ever an hour away. Now where I live, there is no ocean within driving distance.

  5. Glad to hear that you had a great time at the beach! It’s always relaxing when you’re on the sand and hearing the ocean waves flowing. Cockroaches in a living area are not good at all. Hope you’ll find a better place to stay at next time!

    The pictures look lovely! I always feel different when I’m in nature. There are less manmade distractions.

    1. Hopefully, things will be better in the accommodation next time haha. It also taught me a valuable lesson in knowing what to look for in online photos (and what is not shown, heh).

  6. The housing arrangement – that was unfortunate, but not uncommon. The photos on the website always seem to be misleading. ._. Hopefully, the next place is a bit more enjoyable and cozy.

    Your photos are making me miss Australia. I just returned last month and already have wanderlust. πŸ˜›

    1. I think a lot of times I have been lucky with many places. I will certainly make sure I pay more attention next time. Aww, you have to come back again! ou3uo

  7. Absolutely beautiful photos!

    1.) I always ask myself why can’t we just live like this? I can’t live without technology forever, xD But it’s awesome to spend time unplugged.
    2.) Luckily, I have only been pleasantly surprised. My husband is great at booking! xD
    3.) I would love to visit New Orleans next! *___*

  8. Your photos are amazing with interesting perspectives! Even though your lodging didn’t sound too comfortable, at least you were able to have a quick getaway and you were able to enjoy nature :blush:

    I do feel different when going on a nature hike. It gives me a sense of appreciation and peacefulness. I’d rather visit places like that instead of going to a city for vacation.

    1. Thank you. Even though I live in the country, I still like to visit places that are not overly crowded. I guess I am used to having a lot of space. ;D

  9. Spending some time on the beach would quite honestly be a dream come true – I’ve never even been to the ocean. It’s definitely one of the places to travel to on my bucket list. Although right now, I’d seriously settle for going to the neighboring town to pick up sushi – or even going for a drive around my hometown. I think I may be developing cabin fever. πŸ˜› Hm…maybe I should channel the frustration into writing something? :pencil: IDK I do know that I’ll sleep somewhat well today as it’s raining. :umbrella: I’m glad that you had a good time on your beach holiday – despite the unfortunate setbacks.

    To answer your questions, I have a tendency to lose track of time when I’m out in nature, mainly the woods. I’ve never stayed in accommodations that weren’t what I expected – mainly because I’ve never traveled anywhere. As for where I’d love to go next – in all seriousness, anywhere.

  10. That’s awesome that you got to go on a mini vacation! And that you had a nice time despite the cockroaches owo

    I like your pictures – the seagull and the shells are really cute!

  11. I love the photos, especially the shells! I have never seen shells that colourful, usually they are all of a pretty dull colour. Then again I haven’t been to beaches in that area, just in Sydney and the Northern Beaches.

    Ew, that sucks that the accommodation was not that good. Cockroaches are a big no-no. I’ve stayed in a lot of Airbnbs but never had a problem with bugs. I think I did see a spider in one but the next second, it was completely gone, so maybe I was just seeing things? Sometimes, the place looks nothing like the photos either. They tend to use wide angle lenses when they take the photos, so the places might be smaller in real life compared to the photos.

    I live in suburbia, so I think I get really wowed by country views. πŸ˜† I’m actually not a big fan of the beach. I think I like seeing a lot of historical buildings and I love seeing nature in green fields and mountains. The ocean I’m less enthralled by. πŸ˜†

  12. I could definitely do with a beach holiday, right now. That’s really handy that there so many beaches close by. At least if you feel one place is crowded you could probably find another place to go to!

    Sorry to hear about you accomodation! I hate false advertisement like that! Was it an airbnb? You should definitely leave a review if you’re able to.

    Beautiful photos!

    I definitely feel different when I’m embracing nature. I feel at peace because nature is basically at peace. My favourites are morning beach walks πŸ™‚

    I haven’t ever stayed in accomodation that wasn’t what I thought! It sucks when that happens though.

    I’m off to Venice in July πŸ˜€

  13. Australia has the most amazing beaches! If I ever make it over I must check out the 12 Apostles in Victoria. πŸ˜› And must not forget the more accessible Bondi Beach. I’m glad you had a great time – despite the mehh accommodations (I totally feel you on that about my travels)! I adore your seashells photograph!

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