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10 years

There was once a girl who had a problem with stationary. Especially from a delightful store named Typo. There were just so many items that she adored that sometimes she would accidentally splurge and buy some pretty things. Yes, that girl was me. :B

Lots of pretty images ahead!


Passport cover


Owl purse


Macaron card holders ( – there were three, but one was broken 🙁 – )


Owl card holders


Bunny pens



Pen/pencil holder things


Owl sticker Book


Animal sticky note things


All the things! 😀

The light wasn’t that wonderful when I was taking these photographs, so they could have been a bit better. I also created a photoshop action that you can use if you like. It was used on all the images above.

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  1. Gosh I super love Typo too! One can really go crazy trying to decide what to get if you can’t get all. Hahaha! I bought one super cute Hello Kitty notebook from Typo recently too. I blogged about it one or two posts ago, can’t remember. I’m just a complete sucker for cute stationery! 🙂

    1. That is really awesome. I saw the Hello Kitty range that they had, it looked awesome. I was trying to be good and resist. >.<

  2. I wish I could score turtle things the way you come across owl cute! I definitely need to do more shopping! xD Sorry about your acaron card holder. The other two are so cute!

    1. That would be difficult. It is strange how things go in fads, but hopefully a turtle one will come (because they are adorable). I was annoyed at first about it, but then I thought it was only $3 AUD, and I got two, so it was okay. xD

  3. Ahhhh… everything looks SO KYUTE! >_< My favorite are the pencil holders… owls are awesome! 😀 I've heard of Typo before but I had no idea they were a part of Cotton On! Cotton On is one of my favorite clothing stores ever. :p

    1. That is great, maybe it could also be dangerous for you. xD I got confused when the website suddenly became part of Cotton On, because I didn’t know what they were. I live in a small town, so we don’t have a lot of the big stores. xD

  4. Oh, yay! More cuteness…I am honestly going to have to start saving some money. Because I’m going to go visit this site, and find at least a dozen things I want. 🙁 How come I never find cuteness when I’ve got money? 🙂

    All of the items are super cute, and I’m sorry to hear about your macaroon card holder. 🙁

  5. Guurrrll you must want me to suck my wallet dry because I want them all!

    Ooh definitely trying your PS action! I love actions. 😀 I made a few ones but they’re pretty generic.

  6. I love their mickey/minnie collection too. Anything!owl and cute!stationery reminds me of you Kya dearest. Love your collection! :3 *squishes*

  7. So cute! I also have a problem, although mine is buying multiple notebooks I don’t need (but can’t help but buy them anyway). But gosh, everything is so adorable and the pictures look great! :3

  8. HOLY COWS I LOVE TYPO. I go there all the time and my spending brain takes over and is like NO Georgie do NOT buy any more stationery. But I will spend hours just cruising on their online store or just looking in their physical stores.

    I am not surprised you are into their stuff; they have a lot of owls and cake related bits and pieces 😉 😉 <3

    1. 😀 They really do have that effect, they know how to trap us.

      So so so so so many owl, cupcake, macaron, cute, awesome, unique, quirky things. Win.

  9. Oh gosh….I used to be obsessed with stationary as well and I have hoards of things like this in boxes in my closet. After going through your blog entry, you might have rekindled my obsession!

    1. I used to never be that fond of pastel colours, but as I have gotten older they are really beautiful, so it’s nice to be able to combine the colours with fun things. 😀

  10. aaaaaaaaaaaah you got some really cute stuff! I’m so addicted to typo stuff too~ though I like kikki.k more I just wish they weren’t so expensive 🙁

  11. I have a stationary addition! The stuff you have bought from Typo looks awesome. The products remind me of those you can buy from Paperchase.

  12. Oh my gosh…this is why I stay away from ebay. I always find things like this on there and it kills me to remind myself “I’m just bored and looking around”. I’m scared to take my niece to Shop Kawaii (shopkawaii.com) in Pittsburgh when she’s older – I mean I had a hard time not buying everything I seen.

    1. Maybe that is why sites like Pinterest are good. You can look and ‘collect’ the pretty, without having to pay all the money.

  13. DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWHHHHHHHHHHHH! I love it all!!! I’m such a sucker for cute stuff I’d probably hoard like you too ahahaha!

    1. I could never find as many cute things then. Probably because I didn’t really have the internet or know how to ‘shop online’ xD Probably a good thing too….

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