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9 years

Last week, instead of saving money for Uni books I splurged on a new handbag and purse. ?

The handbag and purse are from Colette by Colette Hayman. I didn’t intentionally plan on buying them, but I wondered into the store and kept looking at them. I left the store, but had to go back to get them. The Handbag was $70 AUD and the purse with 50% off was $15 AUD. $70 is the most I have ever spent on a handbag, in fact this is actually the first ‘adult’ handbag and purse that I own. I have always had tote or messenger bags and random cute wallets. I just hope it’s not the start of a handbag addiction…..


I absolutely adore the colour of this handbag. I also really like that it’s very simple, but attractive at the same time.


There is a lot of room inside (the picture doesn’t do it justice). You have a zipped section (where I keep keys, lip gloss and random things) a pouch for your phone and another large pouch, where I keep….


Notebooks! So.. I might have accidentally purchased these to go with the bag because I liked the simplicity as well… It was important. No really… Heh.


The back of the bag is just blue and white, which is nice. 😀


Guys. I love this purse. I can not tell you how awesome it is, to have a purse where all of your cards actually fit inside. Instead of having a small wallet and having to take ten cards out at once, just to find one.


What I probably love most about this purse is the way that the card and change section is divided. All the cards are on one side and assessable when you unlock the magnet clip-lock-thingy. There are four folds for cards FOUR!!!


The change and cash side is opened with a zipper that gives you easy access to the moneys. There is also another zipped section inside to make sure that no coins escape. Although, my purse is pretty light at the moment… Doh.

Also, I recently lovingly stole my dads Canon 600D (he upgraded) and used it to take these photos. I only realised when importing that I forgot to set the quality to maximum on the camera, so they are a bit grainy. My old camera was the Canon 500D, and while I love it and the inspiration it gave me to keep taking photos, the fact that I managed to damage it not long after I had it (boo), trying to use it with half the screen fuzzy was a bit of a chore. So I am looking forward to exploring the world with this new one. ? ?

Mum gave me this really cute owl tote. It’s so colourful! The eyes are so big. ?



  1. What kind of handbag or bag do you prefer?
  2. What kind of wallet or purse do you like best?
  3. Have you ever accidentally splurged on something pricy? What was it? 😀


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  1. They are so cute!! Last month, I purchased a little too many purses and wallet… :X Mostly Kate Spade needs to stop having sales… I think the most expensive that I purchased myself (not other people buying for me) is like $150 USD. I have set amount of things I want to fit into a purse, so usually choose based on that, but since I buy online most of the time, I get some “woopsies” with me not having imagined the size properly. 🙁 I like Fossil wallets… I just got one from Kate Spade because I wanted a thinner one, but it gets so bulky so quickly when you put cards in, so while I love the design, the engineering wasn’t done so well…. :< Hope you enjoy your new cute bags! (The colors are awesome…)

  2. Nice hang bag and purse. I like the color too. You got a good deal on that hand bag and purse. It’s not that often that you get good deals on those kind of items. Good timing too. I’d be like that too. If I see something that I really like in the store, I’d go back and keep look at it. Sometimes I’ll get it or wait until later on to get it. It depends on my budget situation. There are times where I get it anyway. I couldn’t help it and I wanted it so badly.

    1. What kind of handbag or bag do you prefer? Any type of bag is fine as long as if it’s durable.
    2. What kind of wallet or purse do you like best? I like famous name brand wallets. I’m slowly fading away from the Velcro wallets because those kind of wallets tend to fall apart easily.
    3. Have you ever accidentally splurged on something pricy? What was it? 😀 Yes, a laptop. The price was between $600-$700.

  3. Love the new handbag and purse you got! I really like that bright blue color, and it’s great that the handbag has so much room 🙂 I’m a fan of bigger handbags, especially since I always carry a camera and big wallet with me. My wallet is actually very similar to the purse! It holds many cards and has a zipped section for cash and coins too. Mine is purple though 😀

    If I splurge on something expensive, it’s likely camera gear, haha. As for spur of the moment splurges, it’s likely Anime figures or video games 🙂

  4. I never splurge on stuff but I always splurge on food. Like my money literally dwindles because of the good, pricey food that i like to buy. You have such good in taste though. I love the colors on that purse and handbag. If I were to splurge on something other than food, it would definitely be fragrance because i always like smelling (LOL)

  5. I really like the bag and esp. the color. Bright blue!
    A lot of years back I invested into a good leather wallet which I got cheap through eBay and a leather handbag. I’ve had them for years and they’ll probably last for years so that’s the good thing about “adult stuff” 🙂
    Congrats on the 600D 😀

    1. Thank you. 😀 Sometimes when you do spend a bit more the products do last longer. I guess it just depends if you want something long termish or if it just goes with an outfit or whatever, oh yeah and what is practical haha.

  6. I tend to buy satchels or messenger bags. I like that they have a long enough strap to go cross body and I don’t need to worry about them falling off all the time!

    For wallets I don’t like anything too bulky, when I needed a wallet last year I ended up buying a small mens wallet because I couldn’t find anything targeted at women that suited my needs. I love having a smaller wallet again!

    1. That was the way that I had done it for so long. Messenger bags and simple wallets can be really good. I think I just wanted a little change for something different. 😀

  7. Oh its cute! I love the color! I love light blue so yeah. XD The wallet looks real nice too…I really should get a new one.

    1. I usually get small ones, but not super tiny. Just big enough to hold stuff. Right now my favorite is a brown one with fringe.
    2. Usually I guess something that isn’t too bulky but that has place for change, money, and cards.
    3. Oh yes! I spurge often. Nothing too big lately though…

  8. First off, I cannot get over that there are FOUR folds for your cards!!! I need to find me one of these, lol. I have actually been looking for a new wallet since mine is getting a bit old and worn, but the hardest thing for me is finding one that I like and that has enough room for my cards because I have SO many. It’s ridiculous.

    I love the color of your purse! I usually wear messenger bags or cross-body bags because of school. It just seems more practical than carrying a nice purse around. That being said, I did recenlty buy a nice handbag that I like to wear out on the weekends. I am also hoping that I don’t start a new addiction… hehe.

  9. I splurge all the time on things I don’t need, but right now, I’m loving my Loungefly and Hello Kitty crossover bag. It’s blue trimming with a dark gray body with imprints of Hello Kitty’s face. It’s very cute. 😀

    Love your handbag and purse. I enjoy the color blue a lot!

  10. I’m of the opinion that everyone should have an expensive bag – just that one that makes you feel a bit more like an adult and generally happier. I do the same with shoes, I bought some Doctor Martins on sale today (£70 down from £110) and it will be so worth it. They’ll last forever and I’ll feel good wearing them. Hooray for a splurg.

  11. I don’t really know what my absolute faves are in terms of purses/wallets (right now, I have and use a wristlet/clutch), but that’s a really cute purse!

    (I also like the owl tote. :))

    1. …and unless you count groceries, I haven’t accidentally splurged on anything in a while. (Er, I guess there is ALSO the THCP Black Friday sale incident. :s BUT IN MY DEFENSE, I GOT A FREE GIFT AND A FREE PAD. So.


  12. omo the colour is so pretty! I think it is totally worth it that you went back to get the handbag. There is nothing to loose, y’know hahaha~ and the purse, since it matches the bag, looks so nice when you hold it~ and lololol the notebook! If I were to buy a handbag, that would be the first thing I buy to match the handbag.. a matching notebook and pen ^^

  13. That purse and wallet are both equally beautiful! For my purse, I have recently purchased a 6 Pack Bags purse (which will be featured on my blog soon). I absolutely love it because it doubles up as a lunch box. For my wallet, I have a Kate Spade one that holds my cellphone. I love it because when I don’t want to haul my purse, I can easily grab my wallet and have everything in/on it.

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Etsy

  14. Ahhhh! That’s a cute handbag 😀 I loooove handbags. I’ve actually never bought a pricey “adult” handbag/purse yet because I have sooo many things I want and limited money, haha. The guilt would kick in if I got one for myself, but when I’m at a better place I will get a more professional/adult bag hehe. For now the bag I use most often is this leather crossbody that I got for only $20 at a sample sale! It’s quite durable 🙂 That’s adorable that you got matching little notebooks! Cute, but those also actually come in handy when you need to jot something down quickly.

    1. I probably should have waited to get the bag… but now it’s not available anywhere so I am kind of glad I did. Even though it hurt my bank a bit. >.<

  15. I admit I have thousands of different bags, since they are my favorite accessory in the world, but my favorite handbag will always be my Louis Vuitton Speedy 30. I bought it during a trip to Dubai, and I was in love with it since my older sister bought one years ago. I decided to make an investment and bring it home, and since then (it’s been three years), it still looks barely used, even if i take it around with me for everything. This is like the most expensive thing I ever bought and even if I am proud of it, I dont plan on spending anything close to it again so soon. But it worth the investment after all. I am so happy about your purse, it’s so cute! And your wallet… damn it, now I need a new wallet after I saw yours hahaaha. Kisses!

  16. That is one seriously cute bag! I have had the same handbag for a loooong time! I do have a mailbag I’m pretty fond of, and a small green purse shaped like a flower I use for the beach and stuff. However, I always return to my same standard. A small, black backpack purse. XD It gets the job done.

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