100 Cats on my bed

8 years

I have styled my bedroom with an adorable new kitty quilt cover.  💖

I recently purchased three new quilt covers from Target. I am a sucker for a good/cute design, and couldn’t resist the Kitty, Fox & Friends and Ice Cream (Sprinkles). A lot of the time the adorable designs are only available in smaller sizes for kids, so I was pleasantly surprised to find designs I liked in double & queen. 😍

Kitty Quilt Cover





The Fox & Friends design has a lot of cute forest animals.


The Ice Cream one is basically just colourful sprinkles and that is so much awesome.  🍩



  1. What is the design on your quilt cover or blanket?
  2. When was the last time your purchased a new quilt cover?
  3. What kind of style do you like? (Abstract, cute, feminine, bold, etc)

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  1. SO cute! And yes, it seems like the cute patterns are always only made for kids. For some reason flannelette sheets seem to be the exception.

    I bought my most recent doona cover and sheets set a few weeks ago. I had a gift card from Harris Scarfe that was expiring so I thought I’d get something a little fancy from there. The sheets are so great! I never want to go back to my cheaper ones 😛

  2. My cover is just a… boring blue. Since I got a double bed, I have all the boring sheets now. When I had a single bed I had flowers, bright colours, Dalmatians, etc. Now I just get shiny silken sheets occasionally and just boring colours. I wanted to buy some new bedsheets but I don’t like my bed that much (I don’t love it like some people do haha), as long as it’s not terribly ugly I’m fine with it!

    I feel like the cats freak me out a bit because of the patterns. I have that weird phobia of lots of unusual patterns – it’s called trypophobia and is often associated with many droplets of liquid in one area, honeycombs, or repeating geometric patterns. ? I know, I am weird. My old Dalmatians bedsheets used to freak me out because of the repeating dog pattern. owo >w< :'D

  3. I just fell in love with the blanket! Right now, I have a pretty basic one, just white and the sheet is green but I just bought them for the temporary apartment that I am in for now.

  4. Your new kitty quilt cover is ADORABLE!!!!! I would love to buy one too if I needed a new cover XD. The design on my cover right now isn’t anything special other than squares. My mom bought the cover for me last year, so it’s still pretty new in its life cycle! I love minimum feminine styling :).

  5. YOU ARE QUEEN OF EVERYTHING ADORABLE! I love these covers, I love pretty covers, the ones I have right now are floral and makes up for the cold and dull weather of England! Your pillows too are absolutely lovely! Style wise I’m always for girly, pink covers! xD

  6. I love your style!

    We have a geometric teal/blue/white cover on our bed! We got it a couple of years ago when we moved into our house. We knew we wanted something bold with clean lines and found it easily at Target!

  7. Oh wow, those are the cutest covers ever. I think the cats and foxes ones would take me a while to get used to, wakin up feeling like I was being stared at but the cats go really well with your cushions there! I want the sprinkles one like crazy.

    Right now we have a gold-coloured pyramid type design cover on. Our bedroom is a red/black/gold theme, so we have gold bedding, and some red/black cushions.

  8. I love all 3 designs! They’re all cute! The cat one is probably my favorite because of how there’s no gaps between the cats 🙂 That’s cute how there’s different patterns on the cats here and there.

    My bedsheets are boring. They’re just striped with dark blue. When you share a bed, it can be hard to find a design that you both like, haha.

  9. Ah! I’m gonna have to check out Target and hope we have similar selections! I think the cute-themed items are taking over more and it’s why more cutesy things are turning up. Honestly, I’m loving the trend, because it’s making them much easier to find!

    The quilt currently on my bed is, well, a quilt—a putrid/jade green with a yellow trim, and loads of various fabric squares. It’s not the most pleasant. Grandmama is going to help me restore my quilt, though, which is soft, with blues and greys. It’s kind of like a checker board of sorts, in that it only has blue squares or blueish-greyish squares, the latter of which has an indescribable design. Once we get around to restoring it, I’ll actually blog about it. 🙂

    I’ve not bought one in a long time. :s My style is different, though. I like to change things up a bit…and it really depends on sensory input.

  10. Homg, how cute!!! 😀 Personally, I like solid colours or something more traditional, but those patterns are so you, Kya! Right now sheets are just blue colours, and I have this magenta-pink faux-velvet foot blanket and this mink blanket that’s mostly brown with random abstract design on it XD

  11. Awww, this is so adorable! I love the ice cream sprinkles cover, I want to have that too! My bed cover is just a white fabric with colorful circle patterns, but I wish I had covers with cat or character patterns too.

  12. Haha! That is so you 😀

    I don’t have any cool quilt covers 🙁 ever since I’ve been back with my parents in their single bed I’ve not wanted to invest until I move out and get a double again.

  13. That is just adorable!! You find the most adorable stuff!

    I have a basic tan small patch quilt on my bed. I like a more home-y style. I’m sort of bohemian in my taste. I think it’s about time for me to get an entire new bed! XD

  14. What a cute quilt! I love the unusual pattern and that at first glance, you don’t really realize it’s a bunch of cats until you look closer. And the pillows go perfectly with it, giving it some color, too. So cute, Kya!

    We have a gray colored comforted that has some floral-y designs on it. I’m not really sure how to describe it because it’s not really floral, but it’s pretty. We received it as a wedding present back in August and it’s super comfy!

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