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I have completed my first class or unit for University and although I don’t have my total grade yet, I am pretty sure I passed. 😍

My first class was about 20th Century Design and I enjoyed learning about the events, movements and styles that shaped design, during the 20th century. For instance the industrial revolution that kickstarted mass production, the need for a commercial designer and the creation of the consumer market. I found particularly interesting how design was used to create cultural myth and identity (Australia from the pastoral colonial landscape to entice immigration to the modern world we live in today).

The only issue that I had with the class, was there was a lot of information to try and absorb in just 12 weeks. I am pretty confident that I have passed the class. The first two assignments I submitted I got High Distinctions ☺️ and if I get at least pass or credit for the others, all is well.  😬

I spent some time today trying to create some ‘traditional art’. I have this terrible expectation of myself, that I should be able to create super-amazing works of art without having to learn the process… It is a completely ridiculous thing, because I should know from past experience (digital art) that you have to take time to learn how-to. If anyone has any recommendations for really good online tutorials for watercolour/acrylics painting, let me know.  🎨

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This was my dabble trying to create succulents. The large blue square is acrylic and the rest on the white is watercolour. The watercolour pencils I have are not that wonderful, and I need to get a good watercolour paper/pad. I wasn’t really happy with how it turned out, but practice practice practice!  😐


Just create a similar thing with digital art and add some cute faces…..


Since I am posting on February 14, Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you know you are loved. 💖


  1. What was the last class or study you completed?
  2. Do you like creating traditional art?
  3. Have any Valentine’s Day plans?