I have a slight problem right now. Not a huge horrible mess, just a little one, where I am torn between two academic directions. In one corner you have my current degree, Communication Design. I have completed 4ish units and have been learning a lot about design. In the other corner you have this super awesome thing, Graphic Design / Photography (double major and options for minor) which I recently discovered has an online or distance education mode.

Part of me is saying “OMG change to that new degree right now, because it’s the most perfect thing ever”, while another part of me is saying “yeah, that’s cool, but your current degree does cover a lot of topics and areas you like”. Halp!

It’s not a gigantic decision, because both degrees are design based and I would be heading in a similar direction. However, it’s hard to decide which path is the right one to take and which leads to all the treasure… I can only ask myself what I want in the future and what I see myself as. A graphic designer? A Photographer? A Communication Designer? (Wait.. is that a thing?)

Let me break it down into some pros and cons.

I have contacted CSU about the Graphic Design / Photography degree and will see what happens…


  1. Any advice?  🤗
  2. Have you ever had a conflict about what degree to do or path to take?
  3. How did you decide the best option?