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Dear Internet,

While you had not been working properly for the past twenty days it had been a challenge. I do apologise that I swore at you, called you names and generally fired some hate in your direction. However, it has been difficult as I realised how much I have become dependent on you (study, entertainment, social, creative, all the things). So, here are some of the changes I have had to make and things I have been doing to amuse myself without you.

  1. Defer studies until next term (Eh >:) Β )
  2. Taking photos of the snow (We haven’tΒ had such a good fall of snow since 2011!)
  3. Dying my hair pink again (Tick another one off the 30 Before 30)
  4. Playing with my new iMac and iPad Air 2 (So nice to have a computer that works so well)
  5. Making illustrated vector avatars for friends
  6. Making some pixel emoticons
  7. Watching so many random shows on TV

Love Kya

It has been a bit of a drama, especially since I have had trouble connecting properly and haven’t been able to load study material for Uni ;_;.Β That was why I had to defer my studies until next term, because I missed three weeks of work and an assignment deadline and I couldn’t do anything about it. Ironically the very day that I purchased Internet with another provider (that requires an external antenna to work) my old internet starts working again. Now I am on a contract with the new one for 24 months, but because it does not work normally, I might be able to get out of it (I haven’t even been able to activate the new one yet). But then I worry if my old one drops out again….. Poop.

1. How much do you rely on the internet?
2. Have you ever had an internet outage (over an extended time)?
3. If you have, what did you do while it was out?